At CamisasLokas we are committed to the environment

At CamisasLokas we are committed to the environment

Despite the availability of alternatives, cotton remains one of the best options for clothing due to its unique characteristics.

Cotton is a natural, biodegradable and renewable material that can be grown without the use of harmful chemicals. It is also soft and comfortable, and retains its shape and texture after many washes.

Compared to synthetic fabrics such as polyester, cotton does not contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to health and is less prone to causing skin allergies. Furthermore, as a natural material, it is more environmentally friendly than synthetic fabrics, which can take years to decompose.

In conclusion, cotton is a superior option compared to other types of fabrics due to its natural characteristics, softness and comfort, and its lower impact on health and the environment.

That is why at CamisasLokas, we are proud to offer high-quality shirts made with this sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric!